Flickerish Vintage Photo Booths will be a hit at your wedding and leave your guests entertained all night. With our elegant set up and attention to detail, you won’t be disappointed.



Make it memorable, make it fun, and for heavens sake make it different. Let your loved ones jump into our photo booth and create some memories.



Flickerish Vintage Photo Booths is also great for birthdays. Kids of all ages will be entertained for hours with our amazing photo booth. Be sure to get in early.



Brand the prints, want to connect with your customers or simply throw an amazing party? We can cater for your every need. Your imagination is the only limit.

Why we are different!

Most of the photo-booth’s you see are just that, an old “railway station passport style” booth with room for 2 or 3 people, unless your guests are contortionists. Of more concern, they tend to be operated by some one with no photography experience at all and the images taken, are of a low resolution, usually a web cam.
Our Vintage style booth is a portable professional photographers studio which can accommodate more people COMFORTABLY. We use a professional state of the art Digital SLR camera, with every picture taken being at least 10 megapixel.
We often find later when you, your family or guests view the online gallery of the event, they want an 8 x 10 enlarged photograph. Our images will not blur when enlarged giving memories to keep forever.

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